Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vieux Quebec

The artists quarter

We continued north-bound and proceed to cross the Canadian border, spending only a few minutes at the border crossing with a hardly any questions; coming back to the U.S. is completely different story. Pokie wanted to press on and continue to Quebec City, but I said “No”. She was too excited to see and feel the city, we ended up staying overnight in Drummondville, some 90 miles shy of “Ville de Quebec”. We stayed in Comfort Inn, this is the worst motel from our entire trip, it was still under construction and the smell of the new carpet drove me nuts.

The next morning, we drove east to Quebec, using our GPS set close to the “Vieux Quebec”, but too many streets were closed due to the bike race the next day. We ended up going through the “Old Quebec” and were caught in the traffic for awhile. Finally we were able to find a parking structure away from the city wall and parked our car there. The weather turned ugly. It was raining and miserable but it makes good photographs.

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