Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beaverton Farmers Market

Image taken by Pokie using iPad Mini
Cloudy and cool is perfect to day to stroll along Beaverton Farmers Market this morning. The light is even and I can picture the explosion of colors of the fresh fruits and vegetables. We bought a cookie – Raisin Oatmeal and two pounds of small potatoes for dinner tonight. Come walk with me to the farmers market. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gibsons Landing

Gibsons Harbor
This is the last place that we visited in term of visiting the Sunshine Coast, in the morning, we still have a cool breeze and it is very pleasant to visit the town including the harbor, of course the town of Gibsons landing is small enough to walk. But, the RV Resort is on an open field and it is right down hot.

Davis Bay

Davis Bay Pier
I think this is the best from all of the Sunshine Coast, we explored this bay in the morning before the heat arrives and we witnessed the forest fire that was raging last night close where we called home. Ashes were all over the Wanderlust in the wee hour of the morning.


Lund Harbor
We did not go out until 5:00 PM to see the one square block of town, it is the most northerly point in the Sunshine Coast, and you can’t go further than this. In fact, it is the home of Mile Marker “0” for Highway 101, which stretches all the way to the southern coast of Chili in South America. It has one restaurant, one bakery and one historic hotel.


Nanaimo waterfront
We only spent about three hours in downtown Nanaimo, if you guess due to the heat, then give yourself an A+. The sun was so intense and the high pressure was upon us like a pressure cooker. The fact that it is close to the waterfront, it does not help. We visited our favorite bakery – Nanaino Bakery and Confectionery.

Friday, July 10, 2015

RV Parks and Campgrounds

Jinglepot RV Park, Nanaimo
This is my second installment from our trip to the Sunshine Coast, Canada. This time I will show you the places we call “home” for the night or two. We had one cool day in Courtenay where Pokie opens her kitchen; otherwise we had to wait until late in the evening where the temperature is bearable. funny thing is we have to insert Loonie (Canadian dollar) for showers. At first one dollar is good for 5 minutes, then we move further north and one dollar goes for 4 minutes, then in Lund, one dollar can only give us 3 minutes. Only in Canada!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sunshine Coast - BC Ferries

BC Ferry - Langdale to Horseshoe Bay
We were just come back from a shorter (than planned) tour to the Sunshine Coast, Canada. We made a loop from Tsawwassen ferry terminal. It took 4 ferry rides to come back to Vancouver BC. We wanted to escape the heat, but it just followed us with a vengeance, ninety degrees daily is the norm in this trip. We really did not fully utilize our time exploring the area, this was the worst travel when it comes to the heat, and we rather have a colder weather using the Wanderlust.

We only explored the area in the mornings and evenings when we think the weather is cooler, the rest of the time we were cocooning inside the motor home with the AC full blast. The images on this website is just purely for documentation purposes only, no creativity – blame it on the heat.

Nonetheless, this is our first installment to show you just the ferry ride; next I intend to make the website as to where we stay or the campgrounds we called home for a day or two.