Sunday, July 21, 2013

Harmony Lakeside RV Resort

Site #60
I wanted to stay two nights at this resort, it is a quiet place and tranquil. There is one problem – you have to put coins when taking shower, the owner did not tell us when we checked in, luckily Pokie read the fine prints, so we prepare with quarters in our hands. For the price that we pay for a deluxe RV resort, showers should be free. This reminds us when we travel in Canada and Alaska. In addition to that we accomplish what we wanted – ride that steam trains. So, we left Sunday morning under the cloudy sky.

Chehalis Steam Train Rides

Chehalis Steam Train Rides
I think my limit to ride any kind of trains is two per year, but when Pokie agreed to go to Chehalis Steam Train Rides, some 100 miles to the north, I am sure that I over my quota to my delight. We still plan to ride one more train ride in September in our big vacation in the New England states. I decided to ride this train after I purchased a DVD about steam train rides from OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting). We stayed one night in Silver Creek some 30 miles to the southeast from Chehalis. I wanted to stay two nights, but we decided to leave Sunday morning. I will tell you later.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lavender Festival

Yamhill Lavender Festival
As I mentioned it before, summer here is extremely short, so every chance we get we go out and enjoy the sun and the good weather. This weekend we off to a Lavender Festival in Yamhill, Oregon, some thirty miles away from home, not a bad drive at all. We went to two farms and the festival itself. What a perfect day that is. On the way home we told our GPS to “Go Home”. OMG (Oh My God)…it took us to where we have never been before, rolling hills, to a mountain that I guess close to a thousand feet and down the hill again and we ended up in a farm, we made a quick stop for a Blackberry-Lavender milkshake. Yummy.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Passages of the Deep
Sometimes, we ignore the local attraction with the connotation that we can go anytime since it is relatively close by. Since we stayed three nights at the coast, this time we force ourselves to explore this little jewel in Newport. The result is extraordinary; we really enjoyed the atmosphere and the setting. 

July 4th mini vacation

Tillamook Cheese
I am always looking forward for July to come, not only we have a one-day holiday, but I also get three Personal Business (PB) days that I could add to July 4th Holiday and we have an instant mini vacation. This time I wanted to try to take fireworks display at the Siletz Bay, Lincoln City, so off we went back to the coast, this time we make a loop by going to Tillamook first, home of the world best medium cheddar cheese. Along the way we discover Blue Herron Cheese Factory, which I really like.

And, here is the fireworks display, mostly trial and error….