Monday, May 29, 2017

Kyoto Trip

We flew from Osaka (Kyoto) on Sunday afternoon and we got home on Sunday night as well, this is the beauty when you travel west from eastern country. We slept fourteen hours straight due to the jet-lag and the tiredness of travel, good to be back home in one piece, what an amazing trip.

I decided early on to NOT RUNNING AROUND and just stay in Kyoto for 14 days, why bother? Most Japanese comes to Kyoto to learn its history and the amount of time we were there is just a drop of water in the bucket.

We had two free days to relax before we go home, this time we used to eat more local foods and tighten the loose end to see if we miss anything. I will update you later on the details as it might take awhile to sort the images, I took a shy of 1,900 photographs.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

L. A. Trip (iPhone images)

Americana, Glendale
We made a two week trip to Los Angeles for a wedding, Here's the side trip that we did, mostly a gastronomic voyage.