Friday, October 4, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Skyline
I am halfway now in term of looking at the images. Welcome to Boston, a city full of history. This city was founded in 1630, almost four centuries ago. We stayed in Braintree, a suburb of Boston to the south. Do not drive your car into downtown, traffic is a mess plus you can buy many dinners with the parking fees. Instead we took the “T” line (subway) from Quincy Adams to Park Avenue downtown; the hotel shuttle took us to the station.

Our walking tour starts at the visitor center and we followed the RED line, this is the Freedom Trail. It was almost lunchtime so we went straight to the Quincy Market, which in my opinion is like a food court in a mall, and the foods are not that great. It is kind of over-rated. We went to Little Italy to get some pastries that everyone was carrying at that time. It is just Okay, nothing special.

The second day, the weather turned for the worst in the morning, wind and light rain. This condition was not ideal especially when we took the first Boston Harbor Cruise. It was plain cold. We were smarter when it comes to lunch now; we went to an 1826 Union Oyster House, an established restaurant. Pokie had a cup of New England clam chowder and a plate of Fried Oyster and I was able to order Mac and Cheese.  If I could eat in the seafood restaurant, then it is good. Hey, I am not the only one who ordered Mac and Cheese; the next person to me ordered the same thing because she was allergic to shellfish.
We also visited the site of Boston Marathon bombing, not much left and no sign, we need to ask around for the exact location, we just want to see where it was since Pokie recognized the area from the news back in April. It was quite a walk. By three o’clock we were tired and ready to get back to the hotel. Overall impression, Boston is a big city, we only explored a small part of it where the tourists flocked like migrating birds. We still want to go back to see JFK Library next time around.

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