Sunday, June 23, 2013

Premier RV Resort

Inn at Spanish Head
Premier RV Resort is our favorite place to stay every time we need “Salty Air Treatment”, we stayed here even when it was Ocean View RV Resort. This is some of the best-managed park, we even met one of the investor named “Larry”, and he designed the reservation software. A short walk to Inn at Spanish Head to access the beach area, we do not need to cross the Highway 101, which could be very busy at times.

Kite Festival, Lincoln City, Oregon

29th Kite Festival, Lincoln City, Oregon
Summer is extremely short here, the Northwest folks can attest to that. So, I try to fill each weekend with activity. This weekend we went to Lincoln City to see the 29th kite festival, which takes place in June and October each year. But, this time the worst enemy of the kite flyer is the lack of wind. Nonetheless, after spending more than four hours I was able to capture some images to present to you, here it is.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Railroads in the Garden

Colorado Southern Railroad
The Colorado Southern is a steam railroad set in the 1930’s built for operations with 60 turnouts. The layout is a single track requiring five passing sidings so trains traveling in opposite directions can get around each other. The Northern division climbs to the summit of a 5-foot brim. The rocky mountain landscape, forest, lake and 50-foot long whitewater river and waterfall that move 250 gallons of water per minute challenged the engineers to find a 2% grade route to the future town at the summit. To accomplish this feat, they employed several bridges and three tunnels totaling 90 feet in length.

The Southern division is the larger lower loop and contains many sidings for industries yet to be built to switch freight cars.

Trains are controlled by wireless remote control. The mainline is 450 feet with 750 feet of total track. Construction began in 1997.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Love Sushi

Inari Sushi (VEGAN)

It’s that time again when we gather around at the Beaverton Culinary Institute or we are well known as simply BCI. This time we try to make sushi, it takes twenty years to make a sushi chef, but we try it in just twenty minutes. Come and see how we did.

$400.00 Cheeseburger, really?

Willamette River Rapids

How much does a hamburger cost? How about if I tell you close to $400.00? Well, the closest In-N-Out Hamburger joint is more than 450 miles away from Portland in Redding, California. We drove three hours more to the south from Klamath Falls so Pokie could have her favorite hamburger, the $400.00 is the cost to travel to Redding plus some other places we visited along the way.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Festival of Flowers 2013

Pioneer Courthouse Square
This “Festival of Flowers” is an annual event at the Portland Living Room namely Pioneer Courthouse Square. Some years are more elaborate than others, but it always attracts a lot of visitors. This year theme is Tattoo Portland. This year, it was designed by Lango Hansen Landscape Architects.