Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Blizzard and Sun

First snow of 2012, January 15th.
Portlanders are still excited about the snow, especially if it comes down to the city level. As for me there’s element of excitement and danger, especially if you were out and caught in the middle of it just like the first snow of 2012. We were just wrapping up our lunches with friends when all of a sudden the snow was coming down hard with the wind and it came down with big flakes. Luckily, Pokie has her Point and Shoot camera in the purse. Here is the result.

The first snow of 2012
From Snow to Slush to Rain

Compare that with 2008:
Snow 1
Snow 2
Snow 3

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Year of the Dragon

Lansu Garden, January 7, 2012
Free is a good price, you can’t beat that! When Lan Su Garden offers fee free admission (January 2nd  to January 9th, 2012) and today is not raining, we go in a heart beat. This garden celebrates the coming of Chinese New Year on January 23rd. This is winter scene and this is the second time I visited this garden, the first being in late spring of 2008. Because it is free, the crowd is tremendous (more than 700 visitors at noon) and my focus today is to see more details with a few that I think it’s good to show how winter looks like in this garden.

The year of the Dragon
Lansu Garden in 2008
Zuzhou Garden 2009 China Trip