Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fire !

Photo courtesy of Lisette Sage
I was just about to start my lunch at work when Pokie called, and with a higher tone that usual she said quickly that one of the neighbor’s houses was on fire.  I still could not grasp fully what she was saying and my brain wracked havoc on me trying to decipher what she just mentioned. I finally realize as to which house was on fire.  I tried to notify our neighbors in which the house was just in the back of where the house was on fire to no avail.

I finally called Pokie back to get inside the house as the air must be dirty with the stuff that are toxic to our health. When I came home that day, I could still smell of the charred woods and others. The smell follows us even inside the house. “Enough excitement for one day”, I said. 2/28/2012