Sunday, October 6, 2013

Newport, Rhode Island

The Elms
Newport, Rhode Island was the last stop of our two weeks fun filled and tired trip, I have to say that we saw a lot of places in that duration, we could not cover everything, there are many places that I wanted to see but just did not have time such as Kennebunk Port, Maine, Gloucester, Massachusetts and many other places.

Newport, Rhode Island is famous for its mansion row, I did ask for just one mansion to see and I was told to go to explore The Elms. This particular mansion was to become a parking lot if the Society did not come and rescue it in 1961 when the last of the Berwind died.

In its heyday, this mansion was the most modern in all of Newport; electricity was present in the early1900s, and telephone was used throughout the mansion as intercom. Modern plumbing was present as well.

The Berwind family made the money in the coal industry, at the time the mansion was built for slightly over $1.0 million or about $36.0 million in today’s dollar. Oh, I forgot to mention, there are two entrances in the mansion, the front was for the distinguish guests and the side entrance was used for service and the maids.

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