Saturday, May 31, 2014

One day with Fred

Fred and Pokie in Hibiscus kingdom
My curiosity about an RV lands us to this beautiful friendship with Fred and his wife back then. We first met them in 2006, some eight years ago in Bellingham, Washington. We were on the way to Alaska. I did ask him as to why he has an LP tank outside his big rig.

We met them again in 2007 at the same place, and then we continue our trip to San Juan Island. That was the last time we had dinner together. Fred lost his beautiful wife Lynn a day after Christmas in 2011 and he then moved out of Tucson, Arizona in the early 2012 to Lafayette, Indiana.

When I planned to go to Chicago by train about a year ago, I looked up to see if there is a train service to his hometown. To my delight, there is, but it gets there late at night.

So, one day I called him, telling him that we will visit him for a day or two. I think I made him nervous for two months not knowing what to feed me, because I am a vegetarian and Lafayette is in the middle of “anything fried”.

True enough, the train coming in to Lafayette was late some 35 minutes and he had been waiting for us for more than an hour. I told Fred, lucky that we did not come in the next morning. In short, we had a wonderful time spending a full day with Fred.

Oh, we did try the “Fried Green Tomato” and to our delight, we like it very much.

Thank you for the memories…..till we meet again.

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