Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chicago River Tour

Chicago River Tour
We have till 5:25 P.M. today to catch another train to Lafayette, Indiana from the Union Station. With every travel, you need to be there early to anticipate the unexpected, it turned out to be true, the Chicago train station is a zoo compare to the one in Portland, it is underground and it is mixed with the Metra trains (a commuter train in this metropolitan city). This is the time where the Chicagoans go back home from work, we did witness a rat race and it seems everything is in slow motion when we compare how we walk. This people run in my opinion.

The 11:00 A.M. river cruise is fully booked, so we opted the noon departure instead, I figure we have enough time, we will take a taxi to the train station later, I am just tired of walking. That morning we walked leisurely to the Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, having breakfast along the way. We stored our luggage at the Bell Desk.

Enjoy the cruise! Tip is not accepted as the guide is from the Chicago Architecture Foundation. 

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