Saturday, July 19, 2014

Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC at night

Welcome to Victoria, BC. This is our third time to this city. We stayed here for its convenient since the COHO ferry will take us right to the center of the Olympic National Park. The US Custom is very easy as well, they will come to your vehicle and we do not want to go back to Blaine, Washington where it could take hours just to get back to the US.

When we travel, usually Pokie cooked way ahead and brought the foods with us since we have a pretty good size refrigerator, heck, we can even make ice cubes if we need to, We do cook rice almost on a daily basis with a small rice cooker.

On this trip Pokie enjoys oysters a lot since it is fresh and does not smell, it is something about Canadian oysters in this part of Canada. We stayed two full nights in Victoria and went to the ferry dock pretty early since we do not make any reservation, we were number 11 and we were lucky to take the 10:30 AM cruising back to the States. It takes about 90 minutes to cross Strait Juan de Fuca. By the way, the ship is as old as we are, built in 1959.

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