Friday, October 14, 2011

No rain today and this weekend.....

Pittock Mansion

Today is not raining, so I consider it a good day. This weekend forecast is just partly cloudy, so it is still good! Time to explore the farms and look for some sweet corns, the harvest is late this year.  Summer in our neck of the woods (Northwest) is relatively very short. I guess after living here for more than 13 years, we know what to expect.  We just ignore the rain if we need to do something and it has become small nuisances. I feel like ants sometimes, when the weather is sunny, most people are out and about including us.


  1. Yongkie,

    You can make your photo larger by scrolling your mouse at the bottom of your pic. You have a choice Small Medium Large Extra Large. You can also position it. Don't know if you know that?

  2. Thank you Debbie, you will be my advisor for this blog. Good Day.