Saturday, October 17, 2015

Distillery District

Distillery District - I "Heart" You
Welcome to the Distillery District, this is an old brewery factory that turned into a hip place, sort of happening. It has many galleries and restaurants. We try to save our “feet” from walking too much, so we had been waiting and waiting for the bus that never came. Remember the Murphy Law says, as soon as we walked a block the bus came, so we boarded, but we had to get off in just one block due to street construction…we laughed so hard.

What do you know, just before we arrived at the district, the street corner was cordoned off due to the aftermath of a high speed chase, it took three police cars to stop this criminal. It was fresh news for that afternoon; the Toronto Star covers the incident. Read the story (I included the link), I took the picture from the opposite angle.

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