Sunday, April 12, 2015

Alaska Highway (revisited)

Dawson Creek, British Columbia
It took eight days and 7 nights to reach Fairbanks, Alaska. The distance from Portland, Oregon is about 2,500 miles, that’s 4,000 km in metric. The distance alone made Pokie not wanting to go back to Alaska, but I still want to go back at least one more time, the next time we make the trip, we will take our time. This whole trip was about 6,000 miles plus in 43 days. We had to change the engine oil one time in Fairbanks.

We encountered an engine problem in which I could fix (the air filter got loose and the engine would not start), we also had a flood at 3:00 AM inside the Wanderlust (water intake was broken) in the heavy rain, and trying to shut the water faucet was a nightmare; we had it fixed in Whitehorse. Also the door’s locks open by themselves in the middle of the night, the simple solution is to unplug the fuse temporarily. The Ford dealer in Whitehorse could not fix it. But at last we made it all the way to Fairbanks.

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