Sunday, March 29, 2015

Valdez - Alaska's Switzerland (revisited)

A boat tour out of Valdez
I once read or heard that if you lived your life well, you can “relive” the memory again and again and again. A week ago, I received my Trailer Life magazine of April 2015 edition. Inside it was an article about Valdez, Alaska named as Alaska’s Switzerland.

That article prompted me to “relive” our adventure to Valdez, Alaska some nine years ago in the beginning of summer 2006. We drove six thousand plus miles in forty-three days, covering most of Alaska interior.

We took a cruise to Alaska (Inside Passage) in 2005, but it feels that we have seen part of Alaska but we have not been there. If I have one yearning, I wish I had a much sharper lens in capturing Alaska beauty.

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