Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Noank, Connecticut

Damn Good Lobstha
This was our first destination, well actually it was supposed to be Mystic, CT, but we missed the turn and we ended up in Noank. I did remember that there is a lobster pound in this vicinity, so we stopped and I asked some folks to give me direction to go to this place, as a result Pokie had her first taste of  “Damn good lobstha”. It was on a Saturday, so there were many people and we were lucky to find a parking spot. Houses around here were built in the mid 1800s; roads are narrow and sidewalk are almost to a non-existence. Oh…by the way, I learned how to spell Connecticut, I just simple remember that you “Connect-I-cut”, got it? Next installment is Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.

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