Saturday, June 15, 2013

Railroads in the Garden

Colorado Southern Railroad
The Colorado Southern is a steam railroad set in the 1930’s built for operations with 60 turnouts. The layout is a single track requiring five passing sidings so trains traveling in opposite directions can get around each other. The Northern division climbs to the summit of a 5-foot brim. The rocky mountain landscape, forest, lake and 50-foot long whitewater river and waterfall that move 250 gallons of water per minute challenged the engineers to find a 2% grade route to the future town at the summit. To accomplish this feat, they employed several bridges and three tunnels totaling 90 feet in length.

The Southern division is the larger lower loop and contains many sidings for industries yet to be built to switch freight cars.

Trains are controlled by wireless remote control. The mainline is 450 feet with 750 feet of total track. Construction began in 1997.

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