Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On the Road again

Train Mountain Railroad with Tom from Colorado

We have just completed a journey of 900 plus miles in five days and four nights to southern Oregon and northern California. With the last furlough day, a Memorial Day weekend plus one vacation day, I have a total of five days, so off we go. We encountered snow on the side of the road at 5,000 feet elevation, namely Santiam Pass, a below freezing night at Klamath Falls, it was registered at 31 degrees Fahrenheit, we had clear day in Redding, California with the steady rain the next day when we left. I was just a kid at heart again, visiting Train Mountain Railroad and Klamath & Western Railroad where they are situated side by side. On Pokie’s highlight, she had an expensive hamburger at $395.94 (well make that two, one for lunch and one for dinner). I was just joking of course, but that’s the total cost to get down to Redding some 450 miles south of Portland, it is the closest In-N-Out Burger joint. Enjoy the highlights; I will make separate websites for Train Mountain Railroad and Klamath & Western Railroad later in the week.

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