Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy New Year

Ok, now that the year 2013 is here, this would be my first blog – GET HEALTHY. It has been almost two years since my surgery but I still have the dizziness as one of the side effects. So this year I am trying the holistic approach – acupuncture! My regular acupuncturist has long gone to a retirement in San Francisco, so I ask around my co-worker Malavika if she knows any acupuncturist, so here I am under the care of Dr. Shuyi Dong. This is my first treatment and I have to say OUCH a few times when those needles went into my head. I certainly hope that it will help me in the long run; I just have to be patient and do the routine visit once a week at least.


Under The care of Dr. Shuyi Dong
More needles for the back

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